We just closed on the last ’09 home! A fine young man (well not that young – he has 6 grown children) is happy to be making mortgage payments now, instead of paying Hanover rents. Randy Hough works at GW Plastics as a mold-maker, and is also happy for his new 15 minute commute. Randy also runs a website about plastic injection mold making.

So now we begin a new construction season. We’re hoping to have a new home in place by late June. Regrettably, we can’t hold the ’09 price any longer. Building materials have shot up, in part we’re told, because of all the demand for sheet goods to rebuild in Haiti and Chile. So will someone explain to me why gasoline has gone up recently? Because I don’t think it has anything to do with earthquakes.

One home still available at ‘09 Price!

Porch of 21

Porch of 21

There is still one home available for immediate occupancy at Second Branch Homes. AND, the feds have extended the $8,000.000 “first home buyer tax credit” until April 2010. This means that, if you quality, you could own a brand new, 100% ready-to-move-in, highly energy efficient, 2 bedroom home for $150,500.00 right now. There is a saying - “if it sounds too good to be true……….it is too good to be true”. Well, there’s another saying - “this is the exception that proves the rule”. Give us a call and take a look. 802-685-3113.

Save Even More on Energy Cost!

Annual energy costs are even better then we originally projected. The total energy bill over a year would come to about $2217 and heating would make up $1087 of that total. These homes are affordable at the start and will continue to save you money as the years roll by.  There isn’t a much better way to save money and reduce your carbon footprint. Go Green, Go Second Branch!

Pictures of completed homes

Home Construction Underway

Construction has begun on Phase one of Second Branch Homes designed by long time Vermont resident and architect, Richard Dybvig. Second Branch Homes is a new development of 21 efficient and affordable homes in East Randolph, VT set on the picturesque Second Branch of the White River. After receiving all zoning and ACT 250 permits, the project has moved quickly with four foundations poured and the water system well underway. The first homes have been delivered and will be ready for occupancy in November. All of the homes are built by Preferred Building Systems (PBS) in Claremont, NH and then assembled on site in East Randolph.

Efficiency Rating for Second Branch Homes

Light Bulb

Efficiency Vermont and the Vermont Energy Investment Corp have inspected the Second Branch Homes model located in Tunbridge, VT and given it a 5 Star Plus rating. Each home has scores of details designed and built-in to minimize fuel and electrical use and maximize durability. Many details can only be appreciated by seeing the panels and modules built in the PBS factory, or by taking a guided tour through the model with the architect. The result is a home that is fully compliant with the thermal bypass inspection list and that meets or exceeds RBES, Energy Star and NAHB Green standards. In fact, Second Branch Homes model scored a 53 on the HERS index and has a total estimated annual energy cost of $3370 with only $1832 going toward heating. The 5 Star Plus rating for Second Branch Homes is the highest efficiency rating that a residential home can receive. For more information about Second Branch Homes, return to the Home page by clicking HERE or call 802-685-3113.